How this Insurance Agent is Generating Hundreds of Qualified Insurance Leads Every Month Using Video Marketing…

While creating a permanent moat between him and the competition.


My name is Nicholas Ayers.

And I want to show you the exact system I’m using to generate hundreds of high-quality insurance leads every single month for myself and my students.

But, you’ve heard that before right?

Seems like every ad I see is saying, “GENERATE HUNDREDS OF LEADS IN YOUR SLEEP!”

Which is great.


I’m doing it a little differently.

Ya see…

Last time I tried to cash leads at the bank, they told me they had no dollar value!

I was appalled :).

So I had to go back to the drawing board.

And ended up developing a system that generates not only boat loads of leads…

It allows me to close up to 75% of them! (Get this… the insurance industry’s average is only 14%!)

And I can promise you those sales people are far better than me.

In fact…

I’m horrendous at sales…

and my follow up is as tenacious as a Bunny Rabbit.

Now before we dig in.

This letter is the most in-depth explanation of my system you’ll find anywhere.

So if you’ve seen my previous trainings…

You’ll still want to read this as it digs deep into the entire system.

(To the point you could rip it off and implement for yourself).

In this letter…

I’ll show you can shoot high-quality videos using nothing but your smartphone.

How you can get in front of thousands of prospects (and only pay for those who are extremely interested).

The “Pyramid of Power” method that changed my entire business nearly overnight (no, this isn’t some weird ‘woo-woo’ garbage).

Why most marketer’s are ‘out to lunch’ on what makes exciting videos, and why most ‘exciting videos’ you see are off-putting to the perfect prospect

Plus, I’ll show you how you can easily fall in love with being in front of a camera (even if seeing your picture makes you cringe).

Honestly, many of my students had a fear of being in front of camera.

But, once they got over that fear, and started seeing the results roll in.

Their tune changed a little…

“I’ve sold about $30K in premium in about 5 videos in two weeks that I’m not even using for advertising”

One of these videos landed me a massive meeting today that will probably make us more than 20,000"

And while all of that makes for the warm ‘n fuzzies…

There’s a reason I close 61% more leads than my Grant Cardone lookin’ counterparts.

That’s because…

Video isn’t optional anymore.

If my competition doesn’t get with it (they won’t)…

I’ll continue to steal more and more market share away from them with ease.

And in a way that melts away price resistance allowing myself and my students to charge what WE want… and no longer having to compete with desperate, undercutting competitors.

This will work for you whether you’re an insurance agent, or run a fully-fledged and you’re trying to pump in as many leads to keep your agents happy…

With laydown leads that make them easily hit their sales targets.

Why am I sharing this with you, and not keeping this strategy to myself?

Honestly, how much insurance can a guy write? When you learn what I’m about to show you and start implementing it, you’ll realize there’s WAY more than enough insurance leads for everyone.

(Despite what it may feel like now…)

Plus, I feel it’s important insurance agents who ACTUALLY care about their clients learn this strategy to save more people from the agents who only view them as number.

A notch in their belt.

But with problem the insurance industry is bigger than that.

You know what I’m talking about…

1) RESPA and the Death of Referrals:

Referrals is one of the main sources of deals for many insurance agents.

And RESPA is going to roll in and destroy it along with a lot of agents and agencies.

While this has been a long-time coming, agents worked around it. Unfortunately the newest form of regulations are going to stamp out any sort of mutually beneficial referral relationship.

Smart agents have gone out looking for alternative means to generate their own, exclusive leads. But haven’t been left with many good options.


2) Sweepstake Campaigns and Other Garbage Lead Sources

Most people who are promising boat loads of leads to insurance agents are teaching similar methods that produce a lot of junk leads.

“Run a sweepstakes offer that people have put to put their name, email and phone number into enter! Then try and sell them insurance!”

It’s a painfully stupid idea.

Sure you’ll get a flood of leads, but the quality will have you pounding your head against the wall.

3) “Me too” insurance agents

Ask any regular person on the street what makes you different versus one of the other dozens of insurance agents in your area to choose from.

They’ll have no idea. Some probably won’t even know there is a difference.

There’s nothing differentiating us on the surface from other agents. Most people don’t care about insurance. It’s a necessity, like taxes, they just want to make sure the person handling it knows what they’re doing.

Combine all these together and you have the “Perfect Plague”

Unfortunately, you may be a victim of the plague and not even know it.

  • If your business will take a major hit once referral partners can’t send you leads anymore.
  • Bought courses, and paid ‘marketing professionals’ who teach you their “special system” on how to generate and close insurance leads, but had no luck…
  • Created tons of valuable content on social media that never generated a single lead…

You’re a “Perfect Plague” Victim.

A solution to the “Perfect Plague”.

With the system I’m going to show you.

You can begin generating highly-qualified, exclusive leads by the end of the week, no longer relying on referrals or flirting with danger (RESPA).

The leads are high-quality, and have actually booked an appointment to speak with you about… INSURANCE!

And since you’re on video, your point of differentiation is created through trust. As all other agents hide behind their computers, you’re out there creating connections with your prospect.

So treat this is a Public Service Announcement.

Because The “Perfect Plague” is a REAL problem.

The only real solution I see is using video marketing.

But, if you come away with a different solution in mind.

Then by all means use it.

Hold on…

Are you thinking, “But Nick, aren’t you promising boat loads of insurance leads?”


But, you know how to tell my system actually works?

It’s not the…

  • Stacks of testimonials (which I have)
  • Personal success stories (have those, too)
  • Screenshots of the thousands of leads and sales figures… (and a lot of these)

The big difference is, I’m in the trenches everyday with an insurance agency seeing what works and what doesn’t.

So what I’m showing you is what’s generating booked appointment leads in my business right NOW.

See, most people selling a lead gen system to insurance agents fall into two buckets.

  1. Marketers who found a niche who have no idea the problems that agents actually face on a day-to-day basis.
  2. Former agents who figured out a way to generate leads, stopped selling insurance and start selling their system. (They’re no longer in the industry, so when their system stops working, they keep selling it anyway because they don’t know any other way. Sweepstake offers anyone??)

They both have one thing in common.

They’re going to tell you what you WANT to hear. They’ll tell you that you can put up simple little ads, spend $5 a day and be swimming in insurance leads. I’m not going to tell you that.

And I know by NOT telling you that. You might not be interested in what I have to share.

Because the reality is, video is scary. A lot of people are terrified of putting themselves on camera.

Here’s the good news.

If you’ve read this far.

You’re qualified.

You know deep down this is something you have to do.

Here’s even better news…

There’s a famous quote from Jeff Bezos where he states…

“Your margin is my opportunity”.

Of course, we’re selling insurance. We’re not in the pricing war business.

So your opportunity is a little different…

“Your competitor’s FEAR is your opportunity”.

Take that quote, and slap it above your computer.

In a world where…

  • There’s no competitive advantage left
  • Everyone has a voice
  • Anyone can put up a good-looking website

The only way you can create a permanent competitive advantage is by capitalizing on your competitor’s fear.

Doing what they’re not willing to do.

And that fear…

For so many, is putting their faces on video.

That’s how you create a moat around you and your competition.

To avoid becoming a “Perfect Plague” Victim.


This would be pretty boring if this was just about avoiding becoming a “Perfect Plague” Victim.

Not sure about you, but I’m in business to make money and live a better life.

That’s why the method I’ve developed is so much more than just surviving.

In fact…

It’s the fastest, and simplest way to generate high-quality leads.

Leads so excited to work with you that they practically have their card in hand saying, “where do I send the money?!”

(I’ve had that happen on multiple occasions).

Plus, it doesn’t just make the sales process easier.

It’s makes everything BETTER.

Because you didn’t twist their arm or pull any manipulative sales tactics to make the sale.

They signed up with you because they were already sold before they became a lead.


This entire strategy is all possible in just 60 seconds a day.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a strategy that creates this kind of effect in your market…

While only taking a minute to drop a hard-hitting video.

Some students of mine, like Chris Greene who sells flood insurance, decided to go for it and drop a new video every single day.

Take a look at what happened:

He’s essentially become a mini-celebrity in his area.

Just by shooting short videos. It’s crazy.

Think of the amount of authority and trust he’s built.

While this all looks great.

There is a catch.

I’m brutally honest.

Which means I’m not going to lie to you and tell you I’m generating $2 leads like so many others are.

In fact, the way I set up my ads…

I’m spending $15-$20 per lead!

Not quite as sexy as $2 leads right?


You CAN take my system, tweak it and generate $2 leads for yourself.

But in my experience… It’s a total pain to get those $2 leads on the phone and close.

(Something people selling cheap leads never seem to talk about).

Like I said before…

I’m not trying to tell you what you WANT to hear.

Does a doctor tell someone they DON’T have cancer because that’s what they want to hear?


They tell them, “Hey, you’ve got cancer, and this is what you’re going to have to do if you want to survive.”


The results I’ll be sharing are from people who understand ‘to make money, you have to spend money’, and aren’t afraid to drop money on ads.

If that’s you…

This will allow you to STOP…

  • Messing around with paid advertising that gets zero results.
  • Fighting to get attention because you look like every other insurance person in your area.
  • And chasing after crappy leads that will most likely never convert.

At this point you’re probably wondering…

Who the heck is this guy?!

My name is Nicholas Ayers.

I got into the insurance industry back in 2005.

I was raw, untrained, and excited about the idea of working hard for a couple years, then retiring to my private yacht in the Caribbean counting my stacks of cash that was coming in from that “residual income”.


  • Networking events
  • Sitting in 10×10 tents at festivals
  • Passing out business cards to anyone with a pulse

I was under the delusion that handing my business card to strangers was going to buy me that yacht in a few short years time.

But, I was just another “me too” insurance salesman desperately trying to sell whatever I could, to whoever I could.

Combine that with my sub-par sales ability…

And well…

Counting stacks in the Carribean while aboard my Yacht was looking like it would never become a reality.

Then I came across a method from legendary marketer, Dan Kennedy called the, “Pyramid of Power”.

The method states, we buy products and services from those we see as having authority.

For example…

Are you more likely to take computer advice from Bill Gates, or your Grandma?

No brainer, right?

On the flipside, you’re probably gonna hit up Grandma to show you how to bake a cake.

As soon as I discovered this concept, I realized I had to become seen as an expert if I wanted to succeed.

So I took to video.

(Side note: There seems to be a subconscious switch in our brain that associates seeing someone on video with authority. Most likely due to watching celebrities on TV and movies)

Anyway, whatever it is, it changed my life very quickly.

Allowing me to shortcut my way to the top of the “Pyramid of Power”.

Fast-forward to today and I’m asked to share these strategies on stages across the Nation with insurance agents.

But, unlike most agents who find something that works… who then dump everything they’re doing just to sell the system.

I’m STILL an insurance agent using these exact strategies to generate the same types of results.

Check it out…

Here’s another campaign I’m running right now that’s spitting out booked calls for roughly $22 each.

Now I haven’t spoken to all of them at the time of writing his letter.

But so far I’ve closed 3 of the leads, generating $7800 in sales.

Anyway… Enough about me!

If you’ve read this far… and you’re torn because you know deep down you need to be doing video.

Yet, you’re afraid of putting yourself out there.


This is Casey Neistat:

Not the best looking guy in the World as you can see.

But, he does have one of the largest Youtube channels in the World.

In the past 30 days…

He’s received over 25 MILLION views… AND over 109,000 subscribers!

They wouldn’t be subscribing if they cared what he looked like.

So stop worrying…

Because the biggest critic you’ll ever face… is YOU!

Once you understand that…

You can take what I’m about to show you and be on your way to dominating your industry.

Let’s start building that permanent moat between you and your competition with the…

The “Made You Look” Video Marketing System

Pillar 1: Frameworks

I’m not going to say you can slap a camera in your face and become the top insurance agent/agency in your area.

Truth is…

Most videos SUCK!

They’re boring.

Not engaging.

And most of the time, people can’t find the “exit” button fast enough to close the video and move on with their busy lives.

But, I’m not judging people with boring videos.

Trust me.

After hundreds and hundreds of campaigns…

I’m not immune to making boring videos.

The solution?

Always use a framework.

A guide that allows you to get crystal clear on who your audience is…

And exactly what to say to them so they’re sucked into the video.

Now here’s something extremely important to understand.

Even people in marketing never seem to grasp this…


That means…

You don’t have to ride around in Lambo’s while screaming, “free cash money here!”

Jumping around like an idiot just to get attention.

To get real, quality attention, you need to understand your market’s problems so deeply they’re dying to hear the solution.

For example.

If you put up a video of you sitting in a chair, talking about the pains and experiences of a man going bald.

It’d probably be pretty boring.

To EVERYONE, except bald men.

Once you really grasp your market…

You can look like this:

Have a voice that can do this:

Be as fun as this:

And if you’re describing your market’s pains, problems and experiences to them better than anyone else…

They’ll feel like they’re watching this…

This concept works for EVERY market.


Because markets are people.

And EVERYONE has a pain, EVERYONE wants to be understood, and EVERYONE wants a solution.


The next part is how to DO this stuff.

Pillar 2: Technical

Once you’ve got Pillar 1 dialled in, and have a great message.

You still face another problem.

Your video has to look a certain way to capture

the prospect’s attention.

Maybe you’ve shot video before, and thought it looked horrible so you didn’t put it out there.

And you’re right. It may have sucked.

The good news is…

Your video doesn’t need to be a work of art.

Look at this, I have $8,000 worth of video equipment sitting on my desk.

And I don’t use any of it for the videos I use in this strategy.

Instead, I use this.

A regular old smartphone.

Take a look at what my best performing video looked like, shot purely on a phone.

Not pretty, right?

Yet, it brought in:

  • 320 booked appointments
  • $13.59 per lead

And I sold $10,000 worth of insurance premiums.

… In just 30 days.

Plus, I’ve been running that video as an ad since Jan 4, 2019.

And it’s been cranking out leads ever since.

How do you get those kind of results?

Pillar 3: Marketing

There’s two options with marketing online.

You can go organic.

AKA the long road.

Posting your videos to social media.

Ranking them on Google.

And wait 6 months before leads start trickling in.


You can move fast and get wins quickly.

That’s why I’m a huge fan of Youtube Ads.

Not only does it give you the ability to get in front of thousands of people very quickly (just like all paid ad networks).

The type of people you can get in front is what’s game changing.

Consider this the second coming of Google.

See, Facebook wasn’t always the hottest paid ad network on the block.

Google was.


Because of this…

So instead of interrupting your prospect and HOPING they’re interested in your offer (Like Facebook does).

Google gives you the ability to target people based on what they searched.

Consider this…

If someone is searching for “where to buy life insurance in Arizona?”, do you think they’re a better person to advertise to, than say…

A 55+ year old male with a family and hoping they’re in the market for life insurance?

Of course, and that’s why Google is superior to Facebook.

But, if it’s so good, how did Facebook become all the rage amongst advertisers?

Because Google is TOO good.

It’s so effective, keywords started costing a fortune.

The most expensive keyword on Google right now is ,“Business Services”.

How much?

$58.64 for ONE click!

These sort of ad costs forced everyone to figure out how to crack the code on Facebook ads.

But here’s the thing…

Youtube is OWNED by Google.

And it functions the exact same way.

Meaning you can put your videos in front of people who have searched “buyer-intent” keywords.

“But Nick, who’s searching on Youtube for this stuff??”


Look at “homes for sales” as an example…

The volume is massive.

And unlike Facebook.

That’s physical search volume.

So your video is showing to the thousands, and in some cases hundreds of thousands of people who are interested in what you’re selling.

So why hasn’t Youtube’s ad costs gone sky-high like Google?

The “moat effect”.

It’s easy for people to write a bunch of ads and throw it up on Google.

But they won’t put their face on camera out of fear.

Which means there’s far LESS people advertising on Youtube…

In fact, there’s literally BILLIONS of impressions (ad spots) that are unclaimed on Youtube.

And that’s why I love this strategy.

It’s the one place online where you can dominate because your competition is too scared to play the game.


“Your competitor’s FEAR is your opportunity”.

Execute this strategy properly… and the leads flood in.

All of these booked, easy to close, appointment leads for as little as $13.59 each!

To Recap…

Pillar 1. Speak to your market in a way that shows you truly understand their problems, and it doesn’t matter how “boring” you think your video is… they’ll love it.

Pillar 2. Scrap the expensive video editing software. Remember I have $8,000 worth of equipment sitting on my desk and use my smartphone for my best-performing videos.

Pillar 3. Get your video in front of thousands of people for just pennies a view (I currently pay 10-18 cents per view).

If you decide to do this yourself…

1) Make sure you get extremely clear on your target market before shooting ANY videos.

While videos are a great way to get attention.

They’re also an extremely easy way to lose it since it requires your viewers full attention.

2) While my video above was ugly and shot on nothing more than a smartphone.

There are some specific framing elements I used to make it appear more engaging.

Secretly, we’re all subconsciously experts at what looks right on video after growing up watching TV and Movies.

If your video is shot while ignoring these techniques, it’ll be irritating to the viewer, and will most likely click away.

3) Advertising on Youtube is like no other platform I’ve found.

I had 20 years of video experience behind me, plus having “Cracked the Code” to Facebook advertising. I figured it’d be a walk in the park.

I was WRONG.

The key aspect is to be very aware of your prospects mood, state and desires when using Youtube.

You have to work with those elements in order to capture their attention in a way that makes them excited to watch your video, over the one they were searching for.

Honestly if you have the time and patience to put this all together.

You CAN do it yourself.


People often decide to join our Made You Look Video Marketing system because it’s easier to follow our proven framework to get it done quickly and efficiently.

Here’s what a few of our students have said about our “Made You Look” Video Marketing System

Chris Greene owns a flood insurance agency. He didn’t even bother finishing our program because he got so much value out of the first 20% of it he was able to blow up his business. Plus he discovered an unforeseen benefit of using video.

“I haven’t even finished the program. But the 20-30% we’re in has completely changed our business. A lot of people get into it for ads. We got into it for educational awareness. We’re able to run with the strategies we learned in the course and it’s not really costing us any money.

It’s all of a sudden we’ve created this huge resource as a library. When customers say, “I have a question on this”, or agents ask “Hey, I’ve got a question on this…” Hey check out this video we did on this day it’ll answer a lot of those questions. But now they’re sharing those videos with

their audience and theyr’e doing all this marketing for us. If I need a new referral partner I send them a video.

I had this dream that said, “Hey, if we can write $25,000 in flood insurance, that’d be insane.” Well, we’re at the end of month 4 now and we’re going to end up writing $30,000 in premium. […] if you want buyers who are serious that are engaged, maybe just with you, people are actually out there searching and you’re providing a solution for their problem then this course is right for you.”

Matt Carrol, is an insurance agent. Before finding MYL his approach was to speak with everyone with a pulse. With this system he’s discovered how to flip his mindset and start getting much better results. As he said, before MYL he was doing…

“A lot of busy work, working harder instead of smarter. From the core up it’s changed my mind, as to how to put what I offer in front of the right person. I don’t need to speak to everyone, because that’s a big time waste.

So speak to the right people. If I call you on a Tuesday, and we schedule a time you’re going to help me with whatever comes my way. I think that’s what I appreciate the most.

It’s not, “take this or leave it”, you’re going to find a solution for me. I have been in other programs, and at the end of the day you’ll learn, you can take advantage of a lot, you’ll maybe get what you want. But, it just doesn’t seem like they care. They don’t care.

But, it’s not like that with you and your group. At the end of the day, you want me to succeed. You want me to succeed, that’s important to you. And I haven’t found that anywhere else. For me what’s more intimidating is becoming irrelevant, or learning something new that’s going to take you where you want to go.”

Jeff Root, a pioneer in teaching insurance agents how to generate high-quality insurance leads for themselves using digital marketing. Also owns and operates his own insurance agency.

“I’d never done a YouTube ad. I’ve only done Youtube Videos, like Webinar style teaching style videos. But I’ve never done it for the sake of generating leads.

So, joined the course, recorded the video, the scripting you had there. Literally with my cell phone right here, doing the same exact thing you did.

Did the exact setup you had in your course. The ad setup, the targeting and everything. And start generating leads.

It’s working well. We’re scaling it up. It’s insanely scaleable. […] Right now we’re doing about 30-40 leads per day.”

While the results are great.

Despite all of my video and advertising experience.

It took a long time to get the system generating these kind of results for myself first before I shared it with anybody.

There was a lot of trial and error before I perfected this system.

So if you decide to go it alone. Make sure you’ve got the patience, and a bit of money you don’t mind losing on ad spend.

How do I join?

Now, if you’re considering joining Made You Look…

You’re probably expecting a buy button so you can grab this and get started.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that.

Due to the hands-on nature of this program.

And the fact I’ve developed this system to fight AGAINST the agents that are ruining the industry.

The last thing I want is for my methods and strategies to fall into their hands.

Plus, even if you are an agent who cares about your clients. I’ll only let you in on one condition…

I have to be absolutely confident I can at MINIMUM, double your investment. I can only assess that on a call.

So you’ve got 3 options facing you right now…

  1. Stay where you are, hoping that one day things will change, and you’ll finally begin get ahead of your competition. Escaping the “Perfect Plague” full of “me too” insurance agents, RESPA regulations, and floods of marketers promising you leads by tomorrow morning by running sweepstake offers.
  2. Pay thousands to a professional videographer and marketing team to help you script out your videos, shoot them all back-to-back with no knowledge of the magic sauce they used… only needing to bring them back once those videos stop working.
  3. Or you can book a 30 minute call and see if you’re a good fit for this program. Where you’ll learn how to separate yourself from the competition, stop being a “Perfect Plague” Victim, and start outselling all of your competition due to the authority and trust you built through video marketing.

And since it’s a no-cost, no-obligation call.

I strongly suggest you take me up on the offer.

Oh and remember, I’m horrible at sales…

So don’t expect any aggressive follow up either!

To your video success,

Nicholas Ayers

P.S. Here’s the deal.

Most people would pitch you some scarcity/urgency play here on why you must book a call RIGHT NOW!

But, I’m not going to do that.

I’m not going to lie and tell you I’m pulling this system anytime soon.

Why would I?

Video marketing is a passion of mine, and this has become a community I love, and I’m adding/optimizing the strategies all of the time.

I also strongly believe this is going to give you a permanent advantage over your competition.

It’s not a “flavor of the month” tactic that could stop working at any minute.

But, if you’re serious about making a change in your business…

A REAL change in the way you market your business and put yourself in front of your ideal prospect.

The worst thing you can do is put this call off.

Because this is everything you need to dominate your market and stop being crowded out by your less-talented competition.

And we all know how easy it is to plan to do something… and forget about it within a day.

Then we look around, a year has gone past, and we’re stuck in the same spot.

Don’t let that be you.


Q. If I’m only shooting videos on my phone, why do I need your help?

A. You can 100% shoot the videos yourself. However, knowing what to say in your videos, making sure they’re framed properly so they look professional, plus how to actually market them on YouTube (AND Facebook) requires a lot of knowledge and experience to get right.

I’ve taken all of that information and put it into easy to follow, step-by-step videos, completely eliminating the guesswork and allowing you to spend more time focusing on your insurance business.

Q. How long is the call?

A. Budget 30-45 minutes. But, if for whatever reason you realize this isn’t for you, even if it’s just 5 minutes into the call, feel free to say “Hey, this isn’t for me.” and we’ll end it right there.

No hard feelings.

Q. Do you teach Facebook ads too?

Yes. But I don’t put a lot of focus on it.

Facebook ads have a time and place. However, there’s no way to target people who are JUST about to buy. Making the nurturing process a lot longer.

Ultimately costing you more money, nurturing them to the point they’re ready to get on the phone.

Q. Will this work for all types of insurance?

A. 100%.

I’ve even got a student, David Carruthers, who is selling high-networth insurance.

In his first day he had 7 leads come in, and they didn’t stop.

Even he was shocked the “affluent” watch YouTube and even respond to ads.

The reality is, this isn’t a hack, or a tactic. We’re just putting ourselves on video and connecting with our target market.

Q. Will this work for me if I’m brand new?

A. 100%. This is actually the fastest way to speed up your success no matter how new you are.

You’ll even be able to surpass agents who have been in the industry for years… but have been too scared to come out from behind their keyboard.

Q. Don’t people hate Youtube Ads?

A. No. People hate irrelevant Youtube ads!

That’s one of the things I love about it.

See most people look at the “Skip Ad” button as their enemy.

You know what I see?

The “Save Money” button.

Cause every time someone clicks it they’re just saying, “not interested” and I don’t pay a penny for them to see it.

Q. I’m doing really well generating leads with Facebook ads and other marketing channels. Are you suggesting I stop to do this instead?

A. Of course not. If you’ve figured out how to generate leads on those other channels. Good for you.

You’re probably seeing this letter from a Facebook Ad. So you can tell I’m not married to channels.

I’m married to results.

Due to the fact Youtube targets “buyer intent” searches, I view it as a completely different segment of the market to target than nearly every other platform.

I view Youtube as the perfect way to increase the lead flow of people who are much closer to pulling out their credit card and ready to buy.

Q. I’m not tech savvy, can I make this work?

A. If you can open an app on your phone. You can make this work.

Plus, with the Made You Look Video Marketing program you get exclusive access to my video editing team.

So all you have to do is open up the app, clicked record, and send the raw video to my team to make it look good.

Q. What type of budget do I need for Youtube?

A. To be clear, Youtube isn’t 100% necessary for this strategy to work.

It’s simply the method to use if you really want to hit the ground running.

However, $500 a month will be enough to get you seeing results very quickly.

This does depend largely on your area though. And we’ll cover that conversation on the call.

Q. How long before I see a return?

A. It’s impossible to say as it comes down to your own work ethic. But some people are seeing leads roll in on their first week.

Q. What kind of support is there?

A. All students get access to the “Made You Look” Facebook group which I’m active in on a daily basis answering questions.

We also do live Weekly “Alpha Calls” where students jump on and share their current obstacles and I help them crush through them live on the call for everyone to learn from.

(Here’s one of the Alpha calls I did back in February explaining one of my go-to funnel systems for quick results).

I’m there for you.

As Matt Carrol, one of my students discovered, I WANT you to succeed. Come to me with a problem, and I’ll help you discover a solution.

Which according to Matt, is unique compared to all the other courses and coaching he’s bought in the past.

Who knew caring was unique?!

Q. How much time will this take per week? I’m pretty busy.

A. I get it.

We’re all busy these days.

That’s one of the things I love about video.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

They’ve actually calculated what video is worth…

You take video, which shoots at 30 frames per second (aka pictures), multiply that by a thousand

Which means, you’re generating 30,000 words per second with video.

It sounds crazy. But check this out…

Click play on the video below to catch a 10 second clip of me.

You probably feel a lot more familiar with me just through that 10 second video.

My mannerisms, what I look like etc.

That’s the power of video.

Q. What happens if the Youtube ad platform changes?

A. Honestly it most likely will.

But here’s the deal.

By joining Made You Look, you’ll have your finger on the pulse of what’s happening with Youtube and what’s working NOW.

Since we’re all out implementing the strategies into our business in real time…

The moment something changes we know.

Q. I’m not good on camera, will people watch my videos?

A. First off, if you don’t think you’re good at video it’s probably because you haven’t practiced.

Get out your camera and start shooting videos knowing NOBODY will ever see them.

You’ll be able to see the instant improvement from video to video.

By the 15-20th video. You’re going to have a video that you’re ready to show off.

Combine that with the framework strategy I mentioned earlier and you’re going to get raving fans. Plain and simple.

Q. I know I need to do video, but I really don’t know if I’ll bring myself to do it. How will this help me?

A. I can’t GUARANTEE you’ll all of a sudden bring the camera out and start recording videos.

All I’ve done is create the most supportive environment that makes you feel comfortable putting yourself out there.

By getting encouragement from those around you who are both ahead of you on the journey, and right there with you making their first videos as well.

Here’s a video from one of my students, David Harriman.

You can see I shared it in the group with encouragement to keep his momentum going. Which is how you start to snowball and see results fast!

In time, you’ll wonder how you were ever scared of doing video in the first place.

Oh yeah… and I have a special warmup series to make getting started as easy as possible ;).

Q. I’ve bought so many courses to help generate leads for my insurance business, how is this different?

A. Most lead gen courses aren’t teaching you to put your face on video.

That’s one of the major differences. Like I said, I know by teaching this method I’m not going to make the most amount of sales.

But I know I’m teaching what is the most effective marketing strategy I’ve ever come across.

Plus, I’m not like most course creators who found a system that worked ONCE, and turned around and started selling it.

Every strategy I teach is one that I use in my business right now to generate hundreds of leads every month.


I’ve shared my entire strategy with you.

Answered all the questions most people have.

Been extremely transparent that this isn’t some tactic to generate $2 leads, nor is it a strategy to hide behind your computer while making sales.

All I can say at this point is…

This is the most effective marketing strategy I’ve found to generate leads for my insurance agency… anywhere.

And I won’t take a penny from you unless I fully believe you can double your investment.